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Send out cards for prospecting and thank you’s


This website and app will send physical greeting cards to your clients and prospects. For under $2.00 per card they will print the card, stuff it in an envelope, address it with a postage stamp and mail it to your recipient for delivery with-in 3-5 days. All you have to do is select the card and message, enter the address and click the send button.

  • Sales prospecting
  • Client thank you’s
  • Quotation follow up’s
  • Networking follow up’s
  • Staying in touch
  • Congratulations
  • Seasons greeting’s
  • Event notification’s

There are 3 levels for using this service.

1) Retail, just use it

2) Wholesale, for large volumes

3) Business, profit from referring others

You can create your own custom card with your business logo, picture and any message you wish to communicate or there are over 15,000 standard cards in all sorts of different categories to select from.

Here is a link to check out the system which will allow you to send a free card to anyone you choose. Maybe you have someone you could send an appreciation card to?



Disclaimer: We are a business member of this service and we may profit from referral commissions but up until March 2013 we have only used it for our own business needs.

Sales Tip below: Then take action to better your competition.



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