Commercial contract business development for interior designers
In this course we will be covering all steps needed to help you to grow your design business through commercial contracts with businesses such as: Hotels, Motels, Bed & Breakfasts, Restaurants, Offices, Care Homes, Hospitals.
Major areas covered are: Technology basics, Product training, Productivity, Marketing, Prospecting and Sales.
Module 1 Getting started and set up
This module will cover all of the neccessary set up requirements for a successful commercial contract business.
Unit 1 Set up: contractor,workroom and supplier accounts for commercial products.
Unit 2 Set up: communication channels--email, smart phone, on-line conferencing
Unit 3 set up: website with a project portfolio and company information.
Unit 4 Set up: social media channels and link to the website.
Module 2 Technology basics
Set-up and review of basic technolgy programs such as Email, Google search, cut and paste, image uploads and resizing.
Unit 1 Using search-Google examples
Unit 2 e-mail
Unit 3 Photo Image management
Module 3 Product knowledge
In this training we will cover which products are suitable for commercial use and the differances between a retail and commercial use product. We will cover Furniture, Fabrics, Window coverings, Wall coverings, Bedding, Lighting, Flooring, Electronics.
There are no units in this module.
Module 4 Marketing
Here we will cover how to develop a marketing system to generate new business leads by "creating a conversation with current and potential customers"
Unit 1 Lead generation methods
Unit 2 Getting your work published
Module 5 Prospecting
Finding new customers
Unit 1 Planning: defining the target market, setting goals, scheduling
Unit 2 Contact methods
Unit 3 Business categories
Unit 4 Sources for lead lists
Unit 5 Strategic alliances for referral leads
Unit 6 Industry publications
Module 6 Sales
You will learn all the basics of the sales process when working with the commercial contract industry such as: pricing and quoting strategies, sales calls and follow ups, client presentations and working with the product reps.
Unit 1 Quoting and pricing strategies
Unit 2 Templates and contracts
Unit 3 Sales calls and presentations
Unit 4 Follow up and referral systems
Module 7 Productivity
We will help you to find the time to manage your increased business with traditional productivity methods and by taking advantage of some of the new technologies that will help you be more productive.
Unit 1 Time management: finding the extra hours
Unit 2 Project management

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